Postural Control and Balance

Postural Control and Balance

Postural Control and Balance

Postural control is the strength in your tummy and back and being able to adopt an upright position without the need for support, e.g sitting upright at a table. It is important to have a stable core to be able to use our arms and legs effectively for gross and fine motor activities.

Suggested activities:
  • Games in high kneeling such as throw and catch or chalking at an easel.

  • Superman pose – Lie on your tummy and lift your legs and arms off the floor and hold for as long as you can.

  • Playground activities such as monkey bars, climbing frames and pumping a swing.

  • Crawling on all fours or commando crawling, in, around, over and under different obstacle courses.

  • Weight baring on all fours and then lifting one hand or one leg and holding the position for up to 10 seconds.

  • Lying on tummy to do activities like drawing/colouring/building puzzles.

  • Walking along a line (toe to heel, on tiptoe, on heels, backwards, forwards).

  • Balance on each leg for up to 30 seconds on each leg.

  • Playing games such as musical statues, twister or Simon says.

  • Obstacle courses - set up obstacles to crawl under, jump over, climb over, hop around, throwing at a target. Progressively make the course more difficult and challenging. Make sure obstacles are at different heights.

  • Jumping and hopping games on the ground and on trampolines. Increase the challenge by making it structured such as hopscotch or follow the leader.

Occupational Therapy Department
Please ensure that adult supervision is given when completing these activities.