Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills is the development of hand and finger movements to be able to complete many different activities such as managing fastenings such as zips and buttons when dressing, pencil skills, scissor skills and being able to use cutlery.

One of the first skills required to develop fine motor skills is the ability to isolate individual finger movements moving on to developing a pincer grip, this is where items are held between the thumb and index finger.

Take regular breaks during activities to reduce hand fatigue. Shake hands and push them together to give them a stretch before and after activities. Carry out whole arm movements to warm up before doing any drawing or writing activity. Some of the activities can be completed lying flat on your tummy, high kneeling or sitting at a table.

Suggested activities:

  • Finger painting.

  • Popping bubbles with the index finger.

  • Pinching and poking play-doh and plasticine.

  • Pointing at pictures in a book, holding and turning the pages of a book with both hands.

  • Finger action songs e.g. Tommy thumb, round and round the garden, incy wincey spider.

  • Using plastic tweezers to pick up and move small items.

  • Posting coins.

  • Threading beads, starting with pipe cleaners, moving to laces of different thickness.

  • Clapping activities - clapping to rhymes and copying sequences.

  • Baking activities including mixing in a large mixing bowl.

  • Sorting toys such as cars or bricks between boxes around you.

  • Sand and water play, for example spraying bottles, scooping between containers and mixing with hands.

Occupational Therapy Department
Please ensure that adult supervision is given when completing these activities.