Coming to clinic

Coming to clinic - Dietetics

Information about your child's first appointment

The appointment
Your child has been referred for a dietetic assessment, information on this assessment is outlined below.

Your first appointment may last for up to one hour and will take place in a local clinic. The dietitian will discuss your child's daily food and drink intake, and will weigh and measure your child. Please bring any relevant information with you, for example any reports, food diaries and their red health book.

The assessment may be completed within the session, or the dietitian may book more appointments with you.

What happens once the assessment is complete?
It may be that there are no concerns with your child and they may not need to be seen again. However if support is required, the dietitian will see your child again in clinic.

Together, you and your dietitian will agree some targets and strategies which you can begin to work on at home.

A written report will be sent out to other people who work with you and your child.

Important information
Your child must be accompanied to the clinic for any appointment by a parent or responsible adult who has parental consent.

The accompanying adult must remain on the clinic premises for the duration of all appointments, (initial appointments, regular appointments or group appointments).

The dietitian may have students working with them and you would be asked for consent before a student works with your child. Please let your dietitian know if you do not consent to your child being seen by a student. This will not affect the care which you and your child receive.

Dietitians work in accordance with the 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' guide 2015.

Keeping appointments
There are many people waiting for a nutrition and dietetic assessment.
If you are unable to keep an appointment please phone 020 8915 6424, please let the department know as soon as possible, ideally before the day of the appointment, and we will rearrange your child's appointment.

If you do not attend and do not contact the department, your child will not be offered any further appointments and will have to be re-referred to the service.

How can you help?
Dietetic input works best when parents and carers follow the advice given, so please put into place the feeding plan recommended for your child. If you have concerns about this, please contact your dietitian for further help.