Body Awareness and Coordinationy

Body Awareness and Coordination

Gross Motor Skills

The development of gross motor skills including body & spatial awareness and bilateral integration are essential for good motor coordination.

Having awareness of our bodies and how they move are important with how we interact within our environments.

Bilateral integration involves the ability to use two sides of your body together in a co-ordinated way. This develops by using both sides to do the same thing, such as fastening buttons, moving on to using alternating movements such as walking up the stairs.

Suggested Activities:

  • Windmills - Stand with the feet apart and arms open to the side. Bend forward and make the left hand touch the right foot. Come back upright and then make the right hand touch the left foot. Do this slowly so that you do not get dizzy.

  • Stand upright with feet together. Bend up the left knee to touch the right hand. Then bend the right knee touch the left hand.

  • Cross over jumps - jump with feet open and then jump and cross over. Try doing it with crossing the arms too.

  • Spotty dogs jumps. Stride forward with one leg, whilst taking the other leg back. Once you can do this, bring in the arms, either taking both arms forward and back together, or alternate them with the opposite leg, i.e. left leg forward at the same time the right arm goes forward, then jump and change to the other side.

  • Jumping games e.g. hopscotch and jumping on a trampoline, star jumps.

  • Catching bubbles in various ways such as clapping hands together, popping with one finger or catching with one hand.

  • High Fives – using opposite hands to the other person.

  • Heavy work activities: Helping in the garden or around the house e.g watering plants, raking leaves, wiping the table after dinner, putting away toys, carrying shopping bags, and pushing chairs under the tables.

  • Animal walks to move around the house such as crab walk, bear walk, army crawl, frog jumps.

  • Obstacle Courses in the house or garden, lots of big body movements such as crawling under or between objects, jumping, climbing and negotiating objects.

Occupational Therapy Department
Please ensure that adult supervision is given when completing these activities.